Value Trim Case Trimmer

Value Trim Case Trimmer


Lee Value Trim Case Trimmer

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Lee Precision The Lee Value Trim Case Trimmer is the next step in the evolution of quick and accurate case trimming. The Value Trim Case Trimmer quickly and precisely trims brass to the correct length while. The great thing about this trimmer is all a reloader has to do to trim brass to the correct length is to install the correct quick trim die (sold separately), install the trimmer and start trimming brass. The trimmer has a click adjustable stop that allows trim length adjustment in .001″ increments and the reloader can shorten cases to a uniform length. Includes a snap on chip catcher, a deluxe cutter can be added on later if the reloader wants to chamfer cases at the same time they are being trimmed (sold separately).

Technical Information:

Base Length: Not Applicable, Trimmer mounts in a Quick Trim Die (sold separately) which mounts to any reloading press that utilizes standard 7/8″-14 threaded dies.
Material: Steel and Plastic
Collets Used: No, system is press mounted
Collets Included: Not Applicable
Pilots Used: No
Pilots Included: Not Applicable

  • Click Adjustable Stop that allows trim length adjustments of .001″
  • Chip Catcher
  • Ability to trim shorter than standard lengths to reduce trimming frequency

Note:The value trim does not chamfer or deburr the case neck, it only trims to the desired length. Lee Precision does offer a replacement cutter that will chamfer and deburr case mouths while trimming them that will work in this unit (Midway Item# 631-402, Sold Separately)

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