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Trimming cases is a fact of life if you reload rifle cases. This task has always been accomplished with tools that require one to hand crank a cutter or resort to an expensive electric unit. The Zip Trim changes the way reloaders prepare cases for reloading. The Zip Trim rotates the case like a lathe. This allows you to trim, chamfer and polish your case without having to remove the case from the tool. Other trimmers hold the case fixed and rotate the cutter.

What really makes the Zip Trim unique is the crank has been thrown away and is replaced with a recoil mechanism like you would find on a small engine. One pull of the Zip Trim cord quickly trims the longest case and just part of a pull chamfers the case mouth. If you like shiny cases touch the spinning case with steel wool or polishing cloth and you get an instant jewel like finish on your case.

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Dimensions 4.3 × 3.7 × 3.3 in


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