Primer Pocket Swager-Bench Tool

Primer Pocket Swager-Bench Tool


Bench Mounted Primer Pocket Swager

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The RCBS Bench Mounted Primer Pocket Swager is a dedicated bench mounted tool that makes the removal of primer pocket crimps a simple task. This rugged tool requires 35 percent less force than other tools on the market to complete the same task. A hardened steel rod supports the case from the inside allowing the case to float for perfect alignment with the hardened steel swager head. All a reloader has to do is rotate the case down into position and with a pull and push of the handle, the job is done.

Technical Information
Function: Primer Pocket Swager, remove the primer pocket crimp that is present on most military brass
Works with: Removes the crimp from both large and small primer pockets
Accessories: Comes with hardened steel swaging heads and rods for both large and small primer pockets

  • Hardened steel rod supports
  • Hardened steel cam
  • Die cast aluminum base
  • foam padded grip handle
  • 35% less force to remove primer pocket crimps than other comparable tools
  • Works with cartridge cases from 22 caliber and larger

Warranty: RCBS Limited Lifetime Warranty

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