Predator Shooting Table

Predator Shooting Table

Portable Shooting Bench

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The perfect partner to MTM’s Predator Shooting Rest, the PST stands 30” tall and is modeled after a traditional shooting bench rest. The wedge shaped tabletop design provides a comfortable shooting position for both the left or right-handed shooter and leaves plenty of room for his or her gun, rests, ammo, logs and tools. Barrel grooves, molded into three sides of the table, provide a handy place to lean firearms once set up. Ideal for sighting-in and testing rifle or handgun performance, the MTM Predator Shooting Table also doubles as a maintenance bench or muzzle loaders table at the range. Molded from durable polymer, the PST offers strength at an easy to carry, light weight (less than 15 pounds). When folded flat, the MTM Predator Shooting Table is slim enough to fit inside a small sedan or even store behind the seat of a pick-up truck. If you shooting bench plans for light weight, this is your table. Color: Forst Green

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Weight 17.2 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 29 × 2.5 in


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