Gun Scrubber Solvent/Degreaser

Gun Scrubber Solvent/Degreaser


Gun Scrubber Solvent/Degreaser

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The jet-action, high pressure solvent/degreaser that blasts away dirt and fouling – and air dries immediately. Removes all kinds of oil, grease, grit and softens powder residue, leaving metal perfectly clean and free of any film. Eliminates most common causes of gun failures by effectively cleaning (without disassembly) with the solvent used by professional gunsmiths. Great for semi-automatic and gas operated shotguns, rifles and pistols. A handy extension tube produces a powerful blasting action that penetrates even the tiniest crevices. Flushes out both soluble and insoluble residue from hard to clean trigger assemblies, inside receivers and actions without disassembly. Excellent for removing preservative coating from bullet molds, cleaning all reloading tools and removing foreign matter from shotgun choke tubes and barrel threads.

  • Non-flammable – harmless to metal finishes.
  • Fast – air dries immediately – no rinsing.
  • No ozone depleting chemicals.
  • Thorough – effectively removes grease, oil, and grit.
  • Excellent for all guns – rifles, shotguns, handguns.
  • Easy-to-use – no need for complete dismantling.

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