Dirty Bird Rapid Fire 3″ and 5.5″ Bull’s-Eye

Dirty Bird Rapid Fire 3″ and 5.5″ Bull’s-Eye

Dirty Bird? Rapid Fire 3″ and 5.5″ Bull’s-Eye Packs

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The name comes from the splatter of white that appears upon bullet impact, which allows you to immediately spot each shot. These targets are a great value and simple to use both indoors and outdoors. The black and white contrast of these splattering targets is also perfect for reading shot groups. The non-adhesive back also allows you to affix to a surface as you wish, add notes and then easily save the targets for future reference. Why use paper targets when you can enjoy the splatter of DIRTY BIRD targets? And with the price per target comparable to paper, DIRTY BIRD targets are not only easy on the eyes, but easy on your wallet.

Multiple target facings on one sheet makes for more shooting time and less target changing time. Nine 3" targets or four 5.5" targets on one convenient sheet. Room between targets to write notes and the stiff, non-adhesive backing allows you to save target sheets for future reference. Each DIRTY BIRD Target comes with an aiming point for open or scoped sights

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3"" Bull's-Eye, 5.5"" Bull's-Eye


12 Sheet Pack, 100 Sheet Pack


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