.380 Shell Sorter Plate

.380 Shell Sorter Plate


.380 Plate for Shell Sorter

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Our customers demanded that we give them a way to sort out 380 from 9mm. As you know they are very close in size, making this task difficult. We never gave up, and now we are pleased to offer the 380 Shell Sorter Plate.

A lot of customers think they don’t need the 380 plate as they don’t reload 380. However, if you are reloading 9mm Luger, you must be certain that you have all of the 380 sorted out

The 380 Shell Sorter Plate is not quite as fast to use as the Shell Sorters, but is just as effective. We found that the tolerances necessary could not be obtained in plastic, which is why we have used aluminum. This allowed us to hold the tolerances necessary, though the price for the material and precision is higher. It certainly offsets the cost of finding a 380 in the wrong place, ouch!

You can use it in the bottom of the black pan, just simply place it in the bottom of the black pan, and sort as normal. The 380’s will fall through the plate and remain in the black pan. To retrieve the 380’s, remove the plate and dump them out.

If you are sorting a large amount of brass, we have found that it is faster to sort through all your brass with the three Shell Sorter™ pans as normal, then place the 380 plate in either the blue or yellow plate. Then re-sort the contents of the black pan through the plate. Your 380 will fall through into the bucket, and the 9mm will remain on top of the plate. When used this way it is not necessary to remove the 380 plate until completion.

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