Vanguard Synthetic

Vanguard Synthetic

Weatherby Vanguard Synthetic

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  • Factory-tuned, fully adjustable trigger*
  • Injection-molded, Monte Carlo composite stock
  • Matte black metalwork
  • 24" hammer-forged barrel
  • Low density recoil pad
  • Comes with a letter of assurance from President Ed Weatherby, supporting the written accuracy guarantee

* Sear engagement is factory set between .008 to .014, with let-off weight set between 2.5 and 3.8 lbs. – averaging 3.15 lbs. Additional sear engagements must be performed by a Weatherby Service Center or qualified gunsmith.

All Weatherby® rifles are guaranteed to shoot a 1 1/2" or better 3-shot group at 100 yards from a cold barrel when used with premium (non-Weatherby calibers) or Weatherby factory ammunition. Together, the Weatherby system (premium ammunition and rifle) forms the flattest shooting, hardest hitting, most accurate combination in the industry today.

All Weatherby® Vanguard® rifles come with a letter of assurance written by President Ed Weatherby, supporting the written accuracy guarantee. All SUB-MOA models include a factory-shot electronic target profiling a 3-shot group from that specific rifle.

Additional information

Weight 8.5 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 8 × 6 in

0.22-250 Rem, 0.223 Rem., 0.243 Win, 0.25-06 Rem, 0.257 Wby. Mag., 0.270 Win., 0.270 WSM, 0.300 Win. Mag., 0.300 WSM, 0.300 Wby. Mag., 0.30-06 Sprg., 0.308 Win.


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