Uberti 1885 Highwall 40-65

Uberti 1885 Highwall 40-65

Uberti 1885 Highwall 40-65

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Stock No.: 87
Brand Name: Uberti
Model: 1885 Highwall
Action Type: Single Shot Falling Block
Caliber/Gauge: 40-65
Barrel Length: 30"
Other: come with tang sight, break down cleaning rod that fits in a compartment in the butt stock, case hardened, octagonal barrel

John Browning designed High Wall single shot rifles for Winchester at the end of the buffalo hunting era. These accurate Winchester rifles made a name for themselves in the golden age of target shooting. By the late 1800s, the international sport of competitive long-range rifle shooting was widely followed in the United States. The biggest target event was the United States National Match in Creedmore, New York.

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