Shoot-N-C Deer Silhouette Kit

Shoot-N-C Deer Silhouette Kit

Shoot-N?C Deer Silhouette Kit

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Add a little color to your next target practice! Kit includes one corrugated 24" x 46" deer silhouette target, two SHOOT•N•C self-adhesive 12" deer vital targets and repair pasters for extended shooting life. Target detail and design offer realism to sighting-in for deer season! SHOOT•N•C self-adhesive deer vital targets are also sold separately – no need to replace the entire deer silhouette target.

Kit includes:
1 24" x 46" Corrugated Deer Silhouette
3 12" SHOOT•N•C Deer Vital Targets

Additional information

Weight 1.202 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 46 × 0.25 in


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