Gold Dot Hollow Points

Gold Dot Hollow Points


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Premium quality. Premium performance. Premium technology. It’s all comes together in Gold Dot.



  • Nose profiled for smooth function in semi-autos
  • Both core and jacket are notched for uniform expansion
  • Cavity tuned to the job
  • Pure copper jacket bonded to core
  • Jacket thickness very uniform
  • Alloyed core for barrier penetration without sacfricing expansion
  • Square heel for accuracy

Police officers know the best handgun bullet because they use it in their service ammo. It’s Speer Gold Dot®. Handloaders can get the same premium Gold Dot bullets in component form.

Speer created the first bonded-core handgun bullet. Their method is so innovative, they hold patents* on the process. Using Speer’s proven Uni-Cor® technology, they bond the copper jacket to the lead core one molecule at a time, assuring high retained weights and escellent penetration while virtually wiping out the cause of most bullet failures — core-jacket separation.

What about expansion?  Most bullet makers add the hollow point cavity at the very last operation. This is not very smart if you want premium performance. Speer, however, forms the cavity in two distinct steps. Very smart.The first cavity operation establishes the limit of maximum expansion–a bullet isn’t very effective if it rolls back so far that it falls apart–and precuts both the jacket and the core for symmetrical expansion. The final cavity operation establishes the rate of expansion. The flexibility of this two-step proces lets them tune each bullet to its intended velocity range. Bullets for low-velocity cartridges have a deep cavity; those for high-velocity have a shallow cavity. Very smart, indeed.

A lot goes into Gold Dot. Accuracy. Penetration. Incredible terminal performance. Now you can put all that in your handloads.

*US Pat. Off. Reg. No. 5,079,814 and all applicable foreign patents.

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Weight N/A

25, 32, 380, 9mm, 38, 357 Sig, 40, 44, 45


0.251, 0.312, 0.355, 0.357, 0.4, 0.429, 0.451


35, 60, 90, 115, 124, 147, 110, 125, 135, 165, 155, 180, 200, 210, 185, 230



Ballistic Coefficient

0.079, 0.088, 0.102, 0.125, 0.134, 0.164, 0.117, 0.14, 0.141, 0.138, 0.123, 0.148, 0.143, 0.145, 0.154, 0.109

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