Chamber Brush

Chamber Brush


Chamber Brush


Available in brass core with bronze bristles ans stainless steel

Payne Galway premium chamber brushes, with a full fill of Bristles, for use in Over and Under, Side by Side and single barrel shotguns. They are not intended for use on semi-autos.

The shotgun chamber tool is an 8 inch non-swivel brush that makes it easy to clean residue from chambers. Excellent for use on semi-auto shotguns. The brush is replaceable and listed here.

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Pistol Brass Core & Bronze Bristles, Rifle Brass Core & Bronze Bristles, Revolver Stainless Steel, Payne Galway Brush for Shotguns, Shotgun chamber tool and brush, Chamber brush ONLY, (For Chamber Tool)


0.38 cal., 0.45 cal., 0.17 CAL. – .222 CAL. – .223 CAL., 0.233 Military Style for AR-15/M-16, 0.308 Military Style, 0.38/.357, 0.45 CAL., 12 GA., 16 GA., 20 GA., 28 GA., 410 GA.


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