Bullet Feed Kit

Bullet Feed Kit


Bullet Feed Kit


Designed to fit the Pro 1000 and the Loadmaster presses – the tool automatically feeds bullets into the mouth of the seating die.  Aligns bullets more accurately than possible by hand.

The Bullet Feed Kit is complete for one bullet diameter and range of length.  To convert to another caliber or bullet length, select the appropriate Feed Die and Finger from the Press Accessories section.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs

30 & 30 Cal., 9mm, 0.40 – .44 Cal., 0.45 Cal.

Bullet Length

Bullets up to .60 Long, up to .46 long, 0.46 to .60 long, 0.60 to .75 long, up to .65 long, 0.65 to .80 long, up to .67 long


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