APS Unprimed Primer Strips

APS Unprimed Primer Strips


Color coded unprimed APS Strips – 8 per pack.


These strips are color-coded for fool proof identification. Each strip holds 25 primers. Strips can be loaded with the primer of your choice using the strip loader. Primers not included.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 9.7 × 5 × 0.6 in

Large Rifle, Lg. Pistol, Sm. Rifle, Sm. Pistol, Mag Lg. Rifle, Mag. Lg. Pistol, Mag. Sm. Rifle, Mag. Sm. Pistol Pistol, BR2 Lg. Rifle, BR4 Sm. Rifle, 5.56mm Military, Lg. Pistol 7.62mm Military


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