.50 Caliber Muzzleloader Cleaning Kit

.50 Caliber Muzzleloader Cleaning Kit


KleenBore.50 Caliber Muzzleloader Cleaning Kit

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This one kit contains all the needed tools and chemicals to completely and effectively clean your .50 caliber muzzle-loader. It includes a heavy duty, solid brass cleaning rod that can accept #10-32 threaded components or use the adapter to handle #5/16- 27 accessories. It also contains the fast working Hydro-Kleen Muzzleloder Solvent to lift and neutralize harmful fouling left behind by blackpowder and related substitutes. The .50 Cal. Muzzleloader Cleaning Kit will handle all the needs of your modern in-line or traditional muzzleloder.

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Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 14.25 × 9.25 × 1.5 in


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