• I don't see powders and primers on your website.  Do you sell them?
    We do not ship powders and primers.  We do sell them at our Houston, TX store front location.  We carry Accurate, Alliant, Hodgdon, IMR, VihtaVuori, and Winchester powders.  We carry CCI, Cheddite, Federal, Remington, and Winchester primers.
  • I came to your store and went home to research a part and found the pricing to be different on your website, why is that?
    Our website and Houston, TX store front pricing are different to account for the fact that people purchasing items from our website will be paying freight.  We have offset that cost in many cases with a slightly lower price on our website.
  • Are all of the items on your website in stock?
    Our "warehouse" is our Houston, TX store front location.  Stock fluctuates by the minute.  Please call us at 281-894-7464 to check availability if it is important that your order ship out within one business day. 
  • I would like to purchase from you but I'm unable to select a shipping address outside of the United States.  How can I proceed with my order?
    Our shipping module is unable to calculate freight for international shipments.  If you will email your product list to info@10ring.com  we will quote you freight based on USPS shipment of your order.
  • The freight cost seems high for the small item I have ordered, why is that?
    At this time our shipping module is only configured to calculate freight based on UPS shipment.  When we receive an order that we determine would be less costly to send via USPS (typically under 3 lbs) we will contact you for approval and adjust the freight bill accordingly.
  • I don't want to put my credit card information out on the web.  How can I order with you?
    Please call us during our listed business hours and someone will be happy to take your order over the phone.
  • Are the firearms I see on your website the only ones you’re able to obtain?
    Our firearms inventory is vast and varied.  We work with a variety of manufacturers and distributors to obtain the firearms you desire.  If you don’t see a particular firearm in our catalog, please contact ffl@10ring.com  with the make, model, and caliber of firearm you are seeking (and any other helpful information such as finish/stock/specialty sights etc) and he will search far and wide to get you what you want.
  • Do you do FFL Transfers?
    Yes.  We handle FFL transfers for the purchase of out of state firearms.  We are on file with many of the popular internet sellers.  If you won an auction for a weapon you can forward the confirmation email to ffl@10ring.com  and we will handle the information exchange with your seller and contact you when the weapon arrives.  If you would like to call us to arrange the transfer we can be reached at 281-894-7464 with the fax number or email address of the seller and we will exchange information with the FFL you have purchased from. 
  • Do you accept FFL transfers from private sellers (no FFL involved with the shipper)?
    We do accept transfers from private sellers.  They can verify our FFL on the ATF E-Z Check website very easily.  Please email ffl@10ring.com  with the private sellers contact information and we will advise them on the proper processes for shipping to 10ring.
  • Can I have a copy of your FFL to include with my payment for a gun I want transferred to you?
    For security purposes we do not furnish a copy of our FFL to non-FFL holders. You may email ffl@10ring.com with the contact information for your seller and we will provide them with the appropriate information.
  • How much is your transfer fee?
    We charge $20 for the transfer of each firearm.  If you are planning to receive more than one weapon within a weeks time, we request that you wait to pick them all up at one time to avoid extra paperwork.  If it is going to be more than a week between the arrival of your weapons we do request that you pick them up as soon as possible after notification that the piece has arrived due to the limited space in our safe. 
  • How long will the background check for my transfer/weapon purchase take?
    The typical response for a background check is immediate and will only take as long as a phone call as there is no state imposed delay of transfer in Texas.
  • Can I do the background check for my transfer/weapon purchase ahead of the arrival of my weapon?
    A background check for a firearm transfer is valid for 30 days barring a change in the information.  If you would like to complete the paperwork ahead of the arrival of your weapon you certainly may.  If you have ever had a delay on a background check for any reason it is recommended that you come in ahead of time.